What Type of Loans Do I Have?

My consults in the past generally started out like this:

Me: Do you have federal or private loans?

Client: I have loans with Navient.

The problem with that answer? Navient services both federal and private loans.

Don’t be discouraged! There is an easy way to figure it out, and makes our consultation go smoother.

There is one website you can use to find every single federal loan in your name, whether paid off or still with a balance.

You go to: www.nslds.ed.gov create a login and you now have access to all federals loans… But only your federal loans. This site does not give you any information on any private loans that you might have.

What your federal student loan report might look like:

This person’s loans are paid in full. Nothing is outstanding. You likely have a mix of outstanding principal and/or outstanding interest across one loan or more loans.

You can also click the big blue button at the top and download your data into a TXT file (which is also helpful to make our consultation go smoothly). You can also click your blue numbered boxes on the left in order to see details on each loan separately.

So how do you figure out about private loans? There is no clearinghouse. You will have to gather the information based on your memory, billing statements, and credit report.

Then we will be able to properly categorize each of your loans and determine the best course of action for dealing with all of your loans.

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